Organisers of Lo Spino 2020

Pro-Spino Team

The association named Pro-Spino Team was born in 2002 from a branch of the Pro-Loco association of Pieve S. Stefano, and immediately started to cooperate with Scuderia Etruria for the organisation of the hill-climb race. In few years Pro-Spino Team was promoted to the position of co-organiser and since 2011 they are the sole organisers of the event, and they also contribute to the running of other motorsport events in Pieve S. Stefano.

Valtiberina Motorsport a.s.d.

It is an organised group of course marshals who also run the Rally Ronde Valtiberina.


ACI (Automobil Club Italia) is the FIA’s delegate in Italy to rule over motorsports through the Italian Motorsport Commission (CSAI) and is a confederate of CONI. CSAI has the task of assisting in and associating motorsport events, as well as promoting and organising motorsports activities.

Province of Arezzo

Spreading over several hills, the Province of Arezzo is the meeting point between four valleys: Casentino, Valdarno Superiore, Valdichiana and Valtiberina. This land housed the Etruscan civilization and offers to visitors a unique artistic heritage.

Municipality of Pieve S. Stefano

Pieve S.Stefano, the “Town of Journals” is located in the heart of the Tiber Valley, one of the most evocative valleys of the Province of Arezzo. It is near well-known dstinations for tourists, such as the picturesque town of Arezzo, the charming hermitage of Mount La Verna (where St. Francis of Assisi got his stigmata), the Monastery of Camaldoli and the National Park of the Casentino Forests. Furthermore, Pieve S. Stefano lies at the crossroads of many routes leading to the other valleys of this province, each offering its special beauties to visitors.

Union of Municipalities of the Tuscan Tiber Valley

Pro Loco association of Pieve S. Stefano

Disperata Gang

Disperata Gang was born in 1990 from an idea of… Well, who knows who had the idea in the first place?! Anyway, since 1990, this association has been organising shows, song contests and whatever sort of events you can name. At the beginning the association mainly dealt with comic shows and music concerts. Then, as its member were getting older (but not necessarily wiser…) the scope of activities was widened and a special kind of music studio was created with the aim of making it available to everybody for music courses, playing sessions, meetings, parties etc. and this building now houses the Race Direction of Lo Spino!

Nibble Comunication

As you read these lines, a real IT revolution is taking place, right under your eyes… haven’t you noticed it? Today it is possible to access the Internet skipping the last mile owned by the INCUMBENT; this is reality. Pievenet is a private wireless network allowing users to broadband navigate with no need of a telephone line. This VOIP system is kept hidden; telecommunication companies do not speaking of it, even if they’ve been consistently using it for years… don’t you wonder why?!! Today, information can travel by radio in a safe way, using free frequencies (ISM) and reach your PC. Why not use these technologies that are affordable for everyone?

Lo Spino 2020